Small Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Decorating and designing small studio apartment can be fun and challenging as well. Small spaces mean you dont have to spend a lot of time to maintain the room and save your time and budget as well. In apartment, one room usually serve living room, kitchen, dining room and sleeping room. So, how to create comfortable and fascinating small studio apartment interior designs that suit to your room size, its totally easy and all you need is to follow our tips below.

The first thing you need to do in designing small studio apartment interior is to define the space, you can hang a curtain or room divider to divide one room into two rooms to use as bedroom and living room with small studio. Take a look at the small studio apartment interior design ideas pictures below, you can see how the living room divide with dining room. Purchase multi-function furniture that serve double-duty such as sofa which can serve a couch by day and a bed by night or table that can use to store your favorite books or magazines. The double-duty furniture will help you to get an extra space to use for another thing that needed in your small studio apartment.

Paint colors for small studio apartment is also take a big part since it has limited space, by selecting the right paint colors for ceiling and wall will make the room looks bigger and larger. Avoid to clutter the room, pick any items that unnecessary into one box and donate it. It will be more useful than cluttering your small studio.

Modern small studio apartment interior design ideas with white sofa sets and dark hardwood floors

Small studio apartment interior will look amazing when you combine any elements properly. Look at the modern small studio apartment interior design above, although has limited space but it still look elegant and comfortable. Measuring the distance between sofa sets with TV in order to create a cozy and comfortable feeling when watching TV. Choose a light color for the wall will make the room look bigger.

This is one of the most beautiful small studio apartment interior designs, you can see how the living room and dining room comes into one tone to create a great interior decorations without leaving the room function. What do you think? wanna have one? 🙂

Small space doesnt you cant have your dreaming small studio apartment interior designs, everything depends on your creativity. There are many small studio apartment inspiration out there with variety of style and types. All you need is just search online and pick the ideas that goes well with your preferences and needs. For more inspirations, enjoy our previous publishing about creative storage ideas for small bedrooms which has unique designs to beautify your interior. Well, we hope you will enjoy the small studio apartment interior designs and feel free to contact our team if you have comments or questions.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas Traditional Combination

Modern and contemporary design idea is designed using the great concept that will make the amazing appearance of the kitchen design. The modern design of the kitchen is combined using the traditional design that will make the difference feeling when cooking in this Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas. The traditional design of the modern kitchen design will be the most contrast design that will make someone feels very amazed when cooking in this kitchen design.

Combination Design of the Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

The traditional design of this modern kitchen decorating ideas is coming from the wooden materials. The substances that used in making this kitchen design are dominated using the wooden substances. The wooden substances of this Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas are coming from the high quality materials. It will make the kitchen design become more durable. Cooking in this kitchen design will always make me feel very interested in the design of the kitchen design.

The modern kitchen is also completed with the shelf design that can accommodate more things in the modern kitchen interior design. It is usually store the frozen foods or something else in this shelf design. All of the stuff that is stored in this kitchen design will be the tidiest design of the kitchen design. It also can accommodate more stuff to be stored in this amazing kitchen design.

Versatile Design of the Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

The versatile design of the kitchen is also supported with the design of the kitchen itself. The design is completed with the interesting design. The design of this kitchen will make me feel very interested in cooking in the amazing and interesting design of the kitchen design. This Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas is the most favorite place for me in doing cooking activity in this modern house design. What an amazing design of the traditional and modern kitchen combination design.

Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Cute Design

Bedroom design, especially for the girls it must have the cute design in order to make the girls feel very interested in staying in this house. Completed with the beautiful design of the bedroom, it also completed with the additional decoration that will enhance the bedroom design idea. The Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas are mostly designed using the girly things that will enhance the house design idea.

Color of the Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The color of the cute designs room is designed using the pink color that will make the girls feel very interested with the color of this bedroom design. Besides that, the ornamental color also applied in making this bedroom design. The floral ornamental color of this bedroom can be the decorative creation that will make this bedroom design for the beautiful design of the girls’ bedroom design. The Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas will make me feel very amazed when I see this amazing design of the bedroom.

Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas Elegant Design

The elegant design of the bedroom design for the girls will make the people who stay in this house feel endures in staying in this bedroom decorating ideas teenagers. The decorative wallpaper of this bedroom design will increase the appearance of this amazing bedroom design for the girl. It is also completed with the hanging lamps that is be able to glow with the romantic shades of the lamp. This will be the most interesting design of the bedroom for the girls.

Completed with the huge glass window design of this bedroom, it will make the people who stay in this amazing design of the bedroom feel very amazed. They can see the scenery of the surroundings. It also has the function as the natural lamps when the day. I don’t have to turn the lamps on when the day. It is caused by the great design of this huge glass window design of the Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

Designing A Small Bathroom Without Windows By Using Proper Color Paint

A bathroom is one of rooms in a house which has a vital role in peoples daily life. A small bathroom without windows with various functions is one of choices that the owner of the house can choose to reduce use of ground room that is not too wide. Although the size of the bathroom is small, it is needed to pay attention to the decoration because it is a place for the owner to clean their body and get relaxed. Similar to other rooms, it needs proper interior, color paint, and position. In addition, it is necessary to design the bathroom without windows to be looked wide and comfortable. One of factors that has to be paid attention is color paint that is used to layer the bathroom wall.

First, to give an effect for the small bathroom in order to become wider and more convenient, it can be used white paint blended with blue floor. These colors will give calm and quite atmosphere for the bathroom users.

Next, avoid use of dark colors in the bathroom because it will give a dark, musty, and horrifying effect. Choose simple basic colors other than white. However, if you are bored using white paint, choose other colors, such as bone white and lemon yellow. These colors will make you fresher in look and feel more energetic.

Furthermore, colors like tosca green will give bright effect for your bathroom without windows. Reflection from lamp lights to the tosca green wall will increase brightness of your living room.

Finally, use appropriate colors as many as possible on wall paint and interior in the bathroom. The use of such colors is to create feeling of wideness toward the room. If you use different colors too much, it will make the room visibly narrower. To give a clean and wide for the bathroom, the wall color should be fit with the floor color. This will give double effect instead of what expected before. Besides, the room will become much tidier and more comfortable.

Those are tips related to proper colors for your small bathroom without windows. The colors can also make your bathroom wider in look.

Apron Front Kitchen Sink: Nice Kitchen Sink

The sink is the other fixture that is really needed by a homeowner. The sink commonly is installed in the bathroom and also the kitchen. Therefore the presence of the sink in the kitchen is completely needed by people. The apron front kitchen sink is one of good sink type that could be used by the people who want to install good sink on the kitchen of the home.

A room in a home definitely should be completed with the affordable home fixture. One of the functions of the home fixture is supporting the main function of the room itself. And it also happens with the kitchen sink. Kitchen sink is definitely needed to support the main function of the kitchen. The apron front kitchen sink is the other kind of the sink that could be chosen by people.

The apron front kitchen sink has good design that certainly will be really loved by the people who want to install the kitchen sink. As the common people know that the general people love the nice design. Therefore it is a good choice to choose this kind of good kitchen sink on the kitchen. The kitchen will be completely useful for the people.

The faucet is the thing that is certainly needed by the common people. The faucet commonly is installed in the kitchen and also bathroom. The faucet is kind of the kitchen fixture that should be treated well. For the people who are never dealing with how to replace the faucet, probably it is a hard task for them. Basically replacing kitchen faucet is not a hard thing to do.

For the people who do not have any idea about replacing kitchen faucet, the best thing that should they do is calling the professional plumber as soon as possible, because even though the broken faucet sounds like the simple problem, but if the leaked faucet do not get any serious treatment, then the leaked faucet can cause another problem could be more serious than just a broken faucet.

The first thing that should be done by the people in replacing kitchen faucet including make sure whether the faucet get big problem or just a simple problem. If the problem is quite serious the thing that should be done including replace the old faucet with the new one, because the old faucet commonly just can cause the other serious problem. Therefore change the old faucet is the best thing that has to be done.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas

Painting kitchen cabinets is the easy way and affordable things you can do to freshen up your kitchen looks. If you have a lot of budget, maybe you can remodeling or replacing with the new one. But here we will give solution for the homeowner who has limited budget but want to upgrade their outdated kitchen to the new one. There are many techniques you can apply in painting your kitchen cabinets and all of them are easy to follow and we are pretty sure that you can do it yourself.

Make sure to pick an appropriate color to match your decor, it will provide stunning looks for your kitchen cabinets. Here we attached 9 samples of kitchen cabinet painting ideas which has various colors such as white, green, yellow and blue. Combining one color with the right one will truly transform your kitchen cabinet look into the next level decorations.

Bathroom renovation ideas

The bathrooms are notoriously small condominiums, due in part to the lack of space available in the house. Whether you buy it again or you to take care of an older model, you probably want anyway renovating the space. Designers often make simple bathrooms, because they repeat the same design on dozens of houses in the same area. Even if you have in your condo a large bathroom, you can use some of the bathroom renovation ideas. Not only it will make your bathroom look larger, but also make you different from your neighbors bathrooms.

Add new details

Bathroom renovation ideas with place small details in the bathroom you would not find in your area condominiums. One idea involves painting a renewal or an edge finish on the walls. Use colors that complement those already in the bathroom or hang a guard wall paper along the wall.

Use cabinets

Find items that meet two purposes, to decrease the amount of space used. Bathroom renovation ideas suggested using a closet or a cabinet in the Kitchen Bath and putting the sink in and above it. Drawers and cabinets provide storage location that you would have a smaller sink or a pedestal sink. Depending on your budget, you can consider the idea of investing in custom cabinetry.

The amenities bathroom organization ideas

A master suite is not just a bedroom; includes bathroom organization ideas of a closet with a private entrance from the room only. This allows the owner of a house more privacy from the rest of the family activities. In recent years, the bathroom and master closet has been expanded to include more amenities fourth largest cabinet.

1. Toilet

If space permits, encloses the toilet in its own small room inside the bathroom organization ideas for added privacy. If you are more limited with space, build a partition wall to hide the toilet from view. Make a bidet or urinal in a luxurious bathroom.

2. Storage

Storage is always a key factor in any room. Plan enough space to keep all the bedding, toiletries and cleaning implements for all the main room. A combination of open shelves, cabinets and a wardrobe of clothing layer will provide space and bathroom organization ideas to fill your needs.

3. Customize

The master bathroom style should be an extension of the room. The colors, decor and amenities should fit both your personal tastes and your budget. Make art on the walls and candles. Plants provide natural beauty and some even bloom in the humid environment of a bathroom.

How to create rustic bathroom ideas

How to create rustic bathroom ideas. The principles to create a rustic bathroom are very simple. Everything needs to be old or look like. In this era of brightness and glow of the new, there is definitely a desire to return to the days where things were simpler and better. You can create a rustic bathroom that will take you to the simplicity of the past with very little effort.


1. Choose a style. Rustic bathroom ideas mean a variety of different themes. It may be the western genre, country, cabin or farm.

2. Change the fixed article. If you really want to make a rustic remodeling, the best way to reflect the new style is rustic-inspired artifacts.

3. Paint or put new wallpaper. Maybe you already have the perfect wall for your new decor, but if not, you should paint or decorate with wall paper to define the spirit of the room.

4. Work with what you have. May not need to go out and buy many new items to decorate your bathroom.

5. Finish your bathroom cabinets with structures and rustic lighting. These are the finishing touches that give cohesion to the rustic bathroom ideas. If you can find original handles and knobs cabinets, its fantastic.

A small bathroom tile ideas niche

Niche tiles in the bathrooms are small steps in the soap holes within the wall space big enough to be a closet. Small bathroom tile ideas with niches are smaller walls above the shower or hot tub. You can have a small niche above the tub for use as soap, medium niche next to the toilet to put toilet paper or a large niche in a flat wall to put towels.

1. Classical ideas of niche tiles

Small bathroom tile ideas with simple white box above the Jacuzzi porcelain create a neutral space that enhances a range of topics. Use light cream color with floral embellishments to produce a barrier around in rectangle, tile niche inside the shower. Fill in tiled niche for neutral cream colored rooms with light, feminine touch.

2. Ideas from city to tile niches

It was practical to create a niche in the bathroom on an issue of city. Covers the shower with blue tiles and creates a large arched niche in the longer wall. Make a border with white tiles all around the niche. Assembles for small bathroom tile ideas with a sunflower at the bottom of the niche. Cover the walls of your bathroom with beige tile, straw, black and gray on a dark varied placement for a subtle theme city.