Popular Paint Colors for Living Room with Hardwood Floors

If you have dark hardwood floors in your living room, there are many complementary paint colors that goes well with the entire room decorations. As previously said on best paint colors for living room wall, there are no rules in home decorations, everything is about how to create a living space that reflect your personal styles. Remember, living room provides a showcase to your guests because its not only for family or friends but also for everyone who visiting your house. Therefore, you need to highlight your personal taste in home decorations especially in painting colors for living room with hardwood floors.

In painting colors for living room with hardwood floors, the common paint colors to highlight and brighten the rooms interior is white. White paint colors for living room will create a dramatic contrast to your dark hardwood floors. You can also combine the white color with pink or another soft colors to provide warm looks to your living room interior. If you want an elegant look, then gray is the most popular choose for hardwood floors. Comes with various shades, making the gray colors become the first choice to complement all shades hardwood flooring.

Green paint colors will provide natural and calming feeling to your living room environment. Its a great choice for those who love neutral color for their hardwood floors and it also work well for classic to contemporary.

To create a strong statement and rich feel to your living room, then dark red paint colors is the best match for hardwood floors. Look at the picture above, how the homeowner combine brown sofa sets and hardwood floors with dark red living room wall colors. But you need to consider if the red colors too close in tone to your hardwood floors, the room will smaller. To avoid that, you can combine with white colors as you see above. Well, thats all what we can share with you about paint colors for living room with hardwood floors and we hope you enjoy it.

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